Introducing Ohso Technical.

Ohso Technical is a modern forward-thinking IT services company that provides specialist IT outsourcing services and intelligent technology solutions to Organisations that wish to use IT as a vehicle to drive their business growth and gain a competitive advantage.

Ohso Technical was born from a simple vision – to provide a modern IT Support service that has evolved with business technology and the changes to modern working methods.

Our company is the brainchild of a team of highly successful IT professionals that have over 20 years experience of successfully growing a small IT services company into one of the largest and most established IT services organisations in the South East of England.

OhSo Technical IT Support office - London and Essex

Our Mission statement.

To drive the ongoing success of local businesses through intelligent technology solutions and superior technical support.

How our service has evolved with modern technology and the hybrid workforce model.

We’ve been doing IT support for a long time (over 20 years now) and over this time, things have changed a lot!

IT support isn’t about reactively fixing problems as much as it used to be and that’s because over time, business technology has become FAR more reliable and things just don’t go wrong as much as they used to! Check out this awesome video to find out more about how our services have evolved and the work that we do to ensure your hybrid workforce can always work efficiently and securely, no matter where they’re working from!

We provide an award winning customer service experience!

In 2023, Ohso Technical won the Best Business Awards category for “Best Small to Medium Sized Business”. This is the very first time that we’ve won this award and we’re incredibly proud of our Ohso amazing team that made it possible!

The judges quote:

“Well done to Ohso Technical for supporting small and medium-sized enterprises with expert IT outsourcing services enabling them focus on running their business. To keep its clients up and running, Ohso Technical is open for extended hours and it offers each client their own customer success manager. Thanks to its brilliant service, Ohso Technical has seen incredible client growth since its inception in 2018 and now supports over 150 businesses.  

Our London office.

Our London office is based in Highams Park, which is a district located in the London Borough of Waltham Forest. Highams Park is a thriving area of East London that is growing at an exponential rate. Our head office is one of 13 new state-of the facilities that have been built to accommodate the growing number of local businesses.

One major advantage of working from Highams Park is accessibility. We can access Central London within 25 minutes from Highams Park Overground train station, which is just a two-minute from our office. We operate an open house and we actively encourage all of our new and existing clients to come and visit our premises!

Our Chelmsford office.

Our Chelmsford office is located just on the outskirts of the City at Waterhouse Business Park, a thriving area that is home to over fifty other local businesses that work from purpose built offices, workshops and studios.

The Business park has home to our Essex-based helpdesk team and engineers since 2002. There is a generous selection of amenities onsite and plenty of free parking for staff and visitors.

As with our Highams Park office, the advantage of being based at the Waterhouse Business Park is accessibility. The local train station is a short walk from our office and being based in Central Essex, we can drive to most locations across the County within the hour. Again, we operate and an open house at Chelmsford and new and existing customers are welcome to visit us at any time.

Chelmsford Waterhhouse Business Park

We only employ Ohso amazing people.

In order to provide a superior technical support service, we only employ IT professionals that are a great fit for our culture and our Company Values.

Happy employees are more productive and generally nice people to be around! This is why we do our absolute best to maintain a positive, fun and engaging working environment where everyone can flourish as individuals and as part of a team.

We want our staff to enjoy coming into every morning and be sad when it’s time to leave… Ok, we’re pushing our luck with the sad bit, but there’s nothing wrong with raising the bar high!

As an Equal Opportunities employer, we actively encourage people from a variety of backgrounds, experiences and skill sets to join our friendly hard working team.

Lastly, all of our IT support employees are Microsoft and/or Apple Certified Professionals that undertake a minimum of two training courses every year.

Our Company Values.

The following Company values are integral to the way we work as individuals, as part of a team and with our customers. These values guide our business, our product development and our brand as our company continues to evolve and grow.

Our Company values are also used during the staff interview process. They help us to identify the right candidates that will be a good fit for our culture and our customers service expectations.

  • Be Customer focused – Always look to go above and beyond to deliver a superior customer service experience
  • Be knowledgeable – Make sure you learn something new everyday and encourage others to do the same
  • Be a team player – Always be considerate of others and make a positive contribution to your working environment
  • Be considerate of others – Always treat your colleagues and clients how you would like to be treated
  • Be important – Never go through the motions and always be determined to make a difference
Our Company Values

We will become the ONE partner for ALL Your IT requirements.

Ohso Technical provides a fully managed IT support service in every sense of the word. Whatever your IT requirements, we have the knowledge, skills, experience and resources that are required to provide you with a FULLY comprehensive service.

We will become the ONE point of contact for ALL your IT service and solutions requirements. In addition to our day-to-day IT support services, we also provide a full portfolio of cutting edge technology solutions that will solve your business challenges and drive your business growth.

OhSo Technical - Cool IT Support Under pressure

Thanks for checking us out! 

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