Managed Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Support.

Ohso Technical provides AWS managed services to Businesses of all types and sizes that have identified Amazon Web Services as an enabler to optimise their IT operations, accelerate business growth and serve their hybrid workforce.

What is Amazon Web Services (AWS)?

Launched in 2006, Amazon Web Services (AWS) is a Cloud computing service that provides ‘on demand’ Cloud products and platforms to companies and individuals, including storage, bandwidth, databases, analytics, networking, mobile development, developer tools, management tools and the Internet of Things (IoT). There are over 100 Cloud products and platforms that are now available ‘As a Service’ from AWS.

Our trusted AWS experts are on hand to help you understand which of the above products and platforms should be applied to realise your business objectives. With our hands-on AWS Transformation services, we will ensure that your seamless switch to AWS is completed on-time, within budget and with zero downtime.

Managed Amazon Web Services

AWS Managed Services.

Our amazing team of IT Project Managers and IT Consultants will ensure you get added value from Amazons amazing Cloud platform. We will take full ownership of your transition from on-premise to AWS and provide ongoing day-to-day management and consultation.

We provide ongoing strategic advisory services to continuously improve your AWS solution beyond its initial configuration, ensuring that AWS is always aligned to your business strategy and continues to meet your business challenges.

Professional IT Consultant offering advice. to London and Essex Businesses

AWS Consultancy Services.

Our highly experienced Consultants will ensure that your business achieves amazing things with Amazon Web Services by providing strategic guidance and expert advisory services, helping solve your business challenges and meet your business objectives by implementing one or more AWS products and platforms.

  • We provide one-time consultancy appointments to address solitary problems with AWS, or
  • we also provide ongoing consultative services for large-scale challenges and assistance with AWS migration projects
SharePoint Consultancy Staff

AWS is the perfect platform for your hybrid workforce.

Amazon Web Services is the perfect platform to help aid your transition from a traditional workplace model to a hybrid workplace environment.

The power of AWS can be used to allow your team to access their existing data, applications, databases, analytics and much more via the Cloud, from any computer device that has an internet connection.

With AWS, you can untether your business and your staff from the constraints of working in the office and reduce your IT operating costs at the same time!

A breakdown of our AWS Transformation Service.

Our Professional IT consultants and Project Managers are greatly experienced in the design, build and successful delivery of AWS solutions on-time, within budget and with zero operational downtime. This is achieved by completing the following processes:

1. IT Infrastructure Audit.

We’ll complete an in-depth audit of your existing IT Infrastructure and then present you with a detailed AWS strategy roadmap. This includes a breakdown of the migration process and a cost to make the transition to AWS.

2. Design.

Our Consultants will work closely with your team to design a Cloud services infrastructure that is aligned to your medium to long-term business strategy, meet your key business challenges and serve your hybrid workforce.

3. Pre-Migration planning.

Meticulous planning and preparation is essential to ensure that your project is successfully completed. We will create a detailed plan of action in readiness for making a transition to Amazon Web Services. This includes a list of pre-migration tasks that we will help you to complete before the migration process can begin.

4. Migration.

Before the final transition process is completed, we will conduct a series of pre-migration tests to ensure that your AWS Infrastructure is configured correctly, version to version application upgrades and migrations have been completed and all of your data has been transferred successfully.

Once this has been achieved, We will continue to complete the entire Digital transformation project. We will keep your team involved every step of the way throughout the entire process of migrating your IT Systems to the AWS platform.

5. Post migration.

Once your transition to AWS has been completed, a Project Manager will provide post-migration support, offering guidance to your staff and addressing any unlikely technical issues that could potentially occur post-transformation.

Why choose Ohso Technical to manage your AWS requirements?

  • We have over 20 years’ experience of successfully delivering IT transformation projects on-time, within budget and with minimal disruption to our client’s business operations
  • Our in-house IT project managers and consultancy teams are highly experienced, with extensive knowledge of the AWS platform.
  • Our IT transformation roadmap GUARANTEES a successful transition from on-premise IT systems to Amazon Web Services and other cloud-based solutions.
Why Choose Ohso Technical in Essex and London

Take the first step towards reducing your IT costs and maximising your business speed and agility by making a successful transition to Amazon Web Services.  

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