IT Hardware Leasing Solutions for Local Businesses located in London and Essex.

Get access to the latest IT Systems and protect your cash flow by Leasing your Computers from Ohso Technical.

Flexible and Affordable IT Leasing Solutions.

Ohso Technical provides Computer leasing services to Small and Medium sized Businesses located throughout London and Essex.Β Also known as PC or Desktop as a Service (PCaaS or Daas) Our Computer Leasing service makes it very affordable for you to upgrade your Business IT Systems.

Starting from as little as the cost for a cup of Coffee per week per device, you can lease the latest Computer hardware from recognised brands, including Dell, Lenovo, Apple, Hewlett Packard and more.

Computer Leasing Solutions London and Essex

If it depreciates, then lease it!

What Computer Equipment Can You Lease from Ohso Technical?

Business users can lease the following IT Hardware from Ohso Technical:

  • Desktop PCs and workstations
  • Small Form Factor PCs
  • Laptops and Notebooks
  • Microsoft Surface
  • Apple equipment (including MacBooks, iPads and iPhones)
  • Servers and Networking equipment
  • VoIP telephony
Computer leasing options

Why lease your IT Equipment?

The Commercial and financial advantages of leasing your Computer equipment are many. These include:

  • Release essential funds by making the transition from Capex to Opex
  • Keep your Computer equipment up to date without a large capital outlay
  • Monthly expenses become predictable, helping you manage your IT budget more effectively
  • A widespread deployment of the latest Computer hardware is financially achievable
  • Increase productivity and profitability by giving staff access to the latest hardware and software features
  • All devices are covered under warranty for the full duration of your leasing agreement
Why lease your computers

Have you considered Technology as a Service?

Reduce your IT costs even further by combining your IT hardware leasing with a fully managed technical support service.

As an established Outsourced IT Services Provider, Ohso Technical provides and all-in-one Technology as a service package (TasS) that combines our Fully Managed IT Support and Computer Leasing Services for an affordable and predictable fixed monthly fee.

Our Fully Managed IT Support service includes the following:

  • INSTANT remote and telephone support from 7am to 7pm.
  • Unrestricted scheduled onsite support
  • A dedicated account manager
  • Full IT device and infrastructure management
  • Plus MUCH more.

For more information, visit our technology as a service web page.

Taas service

Take the first step towards leasing your Computer equipment from Ohso Technical TODAY.

Call a friendly and helpful member of our team today and find out just how affordable it is to upgrade your IT equipment without a large capital outlay. .

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