We don’t disclose our clients details online because it encourages our competitors to make annoying sales calls! We’ll be happy to provide you with client references when the time is right.

Our client is a Small Business that supplies bathroom fittings to both Commercial and Residential Customers across the UK. They operate a local walk-in service from their store that is located on the Essex/East London border and a mail order delivery service for nationwide customers.

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The Challenges.

The client’s hardware was outdated and becoming unreliable.

Our client’s IT Infrastructure was badly outdated and in urgent need of a refresh. Their existing server hardware was nearly 10 years old and it was becoming unstable and unreliable.  In addition, the server was running an outdated Small Business Server operating system that is no longer supported by Microsoft. This presented a huge security risk to the client because security updates and patches for the operating system were no longer available.

All of the existing desktop PCs in the office were suffering from slow performance because of their age. In addition, the Operating Systems on the PCs are close to end-of-life, presenting another Security risk to the client.

IT Infrastructure Upgrade Case Study

Poor Wireless Network Connectivity was also causing major problems.

The client was using a Wireless Access Point that was designed for home use, and not for use in a commercial environment.

This was causing severe wireless connectivity issues between the staff in the office and the stock room, slowing down the sales order process, affecting productivity and profitability.

Our Solution.

1. Make the transition from an on-premise server to Office 365.

Following a site survey and a detailed report presented to the client, Ohso technical designed and implemented the following transition from an on-premise server to Office 365 Business Premium:

  • Migrate all client data to SharePoint Online – The clients existing electronic documents and files were successfully migrated from their dated server to SharePoint Online, a highly efficient document management solution that is part of Office 365 Business Premium subscription.
  • Migrate all client Email accounts to Exchange Online – The clients entire Email configuration was successfully migrated from their existing Small Business server to Exchange Online, Microsoft’s cloud-based Email hosting service that is also part of the Office 365 Business Premium subscription. The migration to Exchange Online included all of the staff email inboxes, calendar’s, task lists and signatures.
  • Implement a new Office 365 Backup and recovery solution – We replaced the clients on-premise backup solution with a Cloud-based Automated Office 365 Backup service that backs up the clients Exchange, calendar and contact data, in addition to all the client’s data that is hosted on SharePoint Online.

Dell IT Infrastructure Upgrade Case Study

2. Replace the existing Computers with new PCs.

  • Update the existing desktop machines to the latest Dell OptiPlex 3060 PCs – We replaced all of the clients outdated computers with new generation Dell OptiPlex Small Form Factor PCs. These PCs are powerful, cost-effective and take up little space in the office. We also provided the client with 24” monitors and setup dual monitor stands for every employee.
  • Migrate Sage Accounts – The client uses a locally installed version of Sage 50 accounts for quotations and invoicing. We successfully migrated the local version of Sage Line 50 to Sage Business Cloud Accounting and now all the staff can access the accounts software from their internet browser.
  • Decommission the Server – Once the transition from the client’s on-premise server to Office 365 was completed, we decommissioned the server, ready for recycling.
  • Recycling – Once the client’s hardware was replaced, we arranged for all of the old hardware to be professionally recycled and all hard drives to be crushed by our WEEE compliant IT Recycling partner.

Ubiquiti WAP Upgrade Case Study

3. Replace the home Wireless Access Point with a Commercial WAP solution.

  • Install a new Ubiquiti Wireless Access Point – We replaced our clients existing Wireless Access Point with a Ubiquiti UniFi Wireless access point. Designed for use in a commercial environment, these access points are up to 5 times faster than a standard 802.11n access point that you’ll find in many offices.

This Access Point gives our client maximum wireless performance and coverage throughout their premises.  In addition, the Ubiquiti access point can be managed remotely by our helpdesk team. This allows us to monitor traffic on the network and keep the access point up to date with the latest updates and patches.

The Outcome.

With the help of Ohso Technical, the client now has a modern IT infrastructure that has been future-proofed by migrating all of the Company’s data and emails from their on-premise server to the cloud-based Office 365 platform.

The Company Director is happy because they have saved thousands of pounds in hardware costs. The initial costs associated with purchasing a new on-premise server and licencing has been replaced with an affordable ‘per user’ monthly fee for Office 365 Business Premium.

We have assured our clients Business Continuity by replacing their outdated on-premise backup solution with a dedicated ‘GDPR compliant’ online automated backup service for Office 365.

The staff are happy because their antiquated PCs have been replaced with new generation computers that are much faster and far more reliable, which means that everyone is more productive and far less stressed!

Thanks to the new Ubiquiti hardware, Wireless Internet connectivity throughout the building is lightning fast and far more reliable.

Lastly, the accounts department can now Access Sage via the Cloud, allowing them to work from home, or from any PC in the office.

Total project completion time.

From design to completion – 3 weeks.

Let us modernise your IT Infrastructure.

From design to completion, Ohso Technical will modernise your entire IT infrastructure on-time, within budget, and with minimal disruption to your Business operations.

We can supply, deliver and install the hardware, software and cloud services you require for your Business operations.  We offer a free no-obligation 1-hour consultancy session to discuss your requirements, which will be followed by a written proposal.

  • A multi-accredited partner with 70+ years’ collective experience
  • Fully Managed service, from design to completion
  • VERY competitive hardware and installation rates
  • References available

Contact us today for a no-obligation quote to upgrade your IT Infrastructure today.

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