We don’t disclose our clients details online because it encourages our competitors to make annoying sales calls! We’ll be happy to provide you with client references when the time is right.

Our client is a fast-growing Crowd funded Organisation that is based in Central London. They provide a unique product that teaches people the basic principles of managing their finances through clever use of technology.

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Office 365 Migration case study challenges

The Challenges.

The Company has outgrown its existing email service.

The client had over 20 users that that were using G-suite for Emails and data storage, in addition to Google docs for creating Company documents. The basic version of G-suite was ideal for our clients Business requirements when they first started trading.  However, as the business continued to rapidly grow, the Organisation needed to introduce bigger mailbox sizes for their users.

Storage space was also a concern.

Many of the staff were using Google Drive to store Company documents and large media files that were being created for marketing purposes. With an overall Cloud storage limit of 30 GB per user (including space for their mailboxes) everyone was quickly running out of storage space.

Most staff preferred using Microsoft Applications.

Many existing employees came from a background where Microsoft applications were primarily used for completing day-to-day tasks. Because of this, the staff were keen to make the switch from Google Docs to Microsoft Office because they felt more comfortable (and more productive) using Microsoft apps.

Costs had to be kept controlled.

Because the client was a start-up Organisation, they were understandably keen to keep their expenditure costs down. Because of this, implementing a new Windows server on-premise was out of the question.

Our Solution.

Make the transition from an on-premise server to Office 365.

Following a discovery meeting with the Senior Management team to discuss their requirements and Business challenges, Ohso Technical recommended making the transition from G-suite to Office 365 Business. 

We setup a 30-day Trial of Office 365 Business Premium for every member of the Senior Management team at the Company, so they could experience Office 365’s many advantages and capabilities first hand. They unanimously decided to sign off the Office 365 migration less than 10 days into the trial.

Office 365 LogosWhat are the key advantages of switching to Office 365 Business?

  • Improved team collaboration that comes with using a Cloud-based platform
  • Automatic version updates, maintenance and security
  • Lightning-fast search functionality
  • A GDPR Compliant platform
  • Additional layers of physical and logical security
  • Scalability – inherently scalable to your requirements
  • Full Integration with Azure Active Directory
  • Anytime anywhere access to your work from the Cloud

The Outcome.

With the help of Ohso Technical, the client has made a successful transition from the Basic G-suite subscription to Office 365 Business Premium. Each user now has 1TB of Cloud Data storage, in addition to a 50GB mailbox size per account.  

Our consultancy team successfully completed a full migration project from G-suite to Office 365 Business within three weeks, from design to implementation, with zero downtime and no disruption to their emails.

All of the employee mailboxes were successfully migrated from G Suite to Office 365, in addition to contacts and calendars. In addition. all of the employees existing media files, folders and documents were successfully migrated over to individual OneDrive accounts at the client’s request. This was achieved without any loss of data.  Every staff member now has access to 1TB of Cloud storage per user.

What was achieved?

  • Increased mailbox size for all users – All users now have a default mailbox size of 50GB (this is the standard mailbox size included with Office 365 Business Premium).
  • Successful transition to Microsoft Applications – The staff are very happy because they are now using Microsoft’s latest suite of applications that are included with Office 365 Business Premium. These applications include Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Access, all of which can be accessed directly from the Cloud via a web browser or downloaded and used locally. Local documents are synchronised with OneDrive in Office 365, so they are saved in the cloud.
  • The client’s costs remain controlled – The decision to continue using a subscription-based service in Office 365 has allowed the client too to keep their costs controlled and gain access to a full suite of Microsoft Applications and Microsoft exchange, without any Capital Expenditure required.

We’re highly experienced Office 365 Business experts.

From design to completion, Ohso Technical will guarantee a smooth transition to Office 365 Business.  We can supply, configure and provide ongoing support for all Office 365 Business subscriptions, including Business Essentials and Business Premium.

We also offer a Fully Managed migration service to Businesses that are looking to make the switch from their existing Email/productivity platform to Office 365 Business.

Reasons to partner with us.

  • We’re a Microsoft Cloud partner with 70+ years collective experience
  • We offer fully managed Office 365 migration services, from design to completion
  • We also offer VERY competitive hardware and installation rates
  • We can provide references from very happy clients!

Why not take advantage of our free no-obligation 30-minute consultancy session to discuss your requirements in further detail with a Microsoft Certified Professional? Just call us on 020 3963 5533.

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