We don’t disclose our clients details online because it encourages our competitors to make annoying sales calls! We’ll be happy to provide you with client references when the time is right.

Based on the North London/Essex border, our client is one of the UK’s largest wholesale importers and distributors of niche food products. The Company works from a warehouse that incorporates a separate office for the amounts department and administration teams.

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Wireless Case Study

The Challenges.

Our clients existing Wireless Network was struggling.

Our client relies upon their internal Wi-Fi network to complete most of their day-to-day Business Operations. Any network downtime greatly impacts productivity, completely grinding all internal processes to a halt, including picking, packing, inventory management and accounts.

The Company was using a mixture of Wireless Access Points and Wireless Bridges for Wireless Internet Connectivity throughout their premises. These Access Points have gradually been added ‘on-demand’ throughout the building over the years as the Company acquired more floor space.

The Wireless hardware was antiquated.

Most of the Wireless Access Points in the building were becoming unstable and unreliable due to the age of the hardware. In addition, most of the WAPs in use were end-of-life, which means they were no longer receiving any security updates.

The new WMS required better connectivity.

Lastly, the Company recently rolled out a new mobile Warehouse Management solution (WMS) that required a 5GHz wireless connection for using the new hand-held scanners in a warehouse environment. The existing wireless connection simply wasn’t providing enough coverage in the long corridors and ceilings throughout the building.

Ubiquiti Unifi Wireless case study

Our Solution.

Deploy a low latency, high uptime Wireless solution.

Following a site survey and a detailed scope of works presented to the client, Ohso Technical designed and implemented an Enterprise-class ‘unified’ Wireless Network infrastructure throughout the building, including the warehouse and office areas.

Our preferred Wireless technology of choice is Ubiquiti, which is built from the ground
up for demanding use in a Commercial environment.

For this project, we deployed Ubiquiti ‘Unifi’ AC Pro Wireless Access Points throughout the premises. These access points use new generation dual band technology that is up to 5 times faster than conventional 802.11N access points.

Ubiquiti also features ‘Network Management Controller’, an end-to-end system interface that allows you to configure, monitor and control the entire Wireless Network from a browser-based user interface.

Here’s what we did.

1. Conduct a pre-deployment site survey.

A member of our Consultancy team conducted a pre-deployment site survey in order to determine where the new access points should be located to provide 100% Wireless coverage throughout the building.

During the site survey, we used a specialised Wireless surveying tool that allowed us to detect any network coverage voids by creating a heat map of existing network coverage on a floor plan. This tool also allowed us to identify and remedy any signal leaks and any interference caused by neighbouring devices, or the building itself.

Once the above survey was completed, we imported a floor plan of the building directly into the Ubiquiti Unifi Network Management Controller. This software allows us to design a maximum availability Wireless network for our clients by simulating the network on a floor plan, and then calculating the best positions for maximum wireless coverage.

2. Successfully deploy the new Wireless Network.

Once the site survey was completed, we deployed the new Wireless network throughout the entire building.

  • Network switch – We installed a new Managed Network switch with POE (power over ethernet)
  • Access points – We then installed multiple Access Points throughout the building, using the floor plan we created in the Network Management controller software to ensure maximum wireless coverage.
  • Network cabling – With the help of our Network cabling specialist, we hard wired all of the Wireless access points directly into the new Managed Network switch. Connecting individual switches to the network is recommended over using point-to-point bridges because it ensures maximum connectivity and reliability.
  • Post-installation survey – Once the installation was complete, we then conducted a post-installation coverage survey to ensure that our client had 100% coverage throughout the entire building, with no dead zones, or interference.
  • Remote Management – We also installed a new ‘Unifi Cloud key’. This remote access tool allows us to monitor and maintain our client’s Wireless infrastructure remotely by accessing the Network Management controller in the Cloud.

Total Project completion time.

From design to completion – 3 weeks.

The Outcome.

Thanks to Ubiquiti’s Enterprise-grade Wireless technology, the client now has 100% 5GHz wireless overage throughout the entire building. Our client is absolutely delighted with the results!

  • The management team are receiving less complaints from the staff about wireless connectivity issues
  • The new WMS system works seamlessly over the new 5GHz wireless connection
  • As a fully scalable solution, the existing wireless network can be extended as the Company continues to expand
  • We’ve taken full control of our client’s Wireless network through the Network Management controller, which is accessed through the Ubiquiti Unify Cloud key

Ubiquiti Wireless Case Study - Solution

What are the Advantages of using Ubiquiti Wireless technology?

  • There are no annual licence subscription fees
  • There is no ongoing maintenance fees, just free software and security updates
  • Through Ubiquiti’s Network Management controller, you can configure, control and monitor the Wireless Network, including uptime, connected clients, traffic usage and MUCH more
  • Intelligent handshake technology ensures that you’re always connected to the closest access point with the strongest signal


Let us setup your new Wireless Network Infrastructure.

From design to completion, Ohso Technical will modernise your Wireless Network Infrastructure on-time, within budget, and with minimal disruption to your Business operations.

We can supply, deliver and install the Wireless solution you require for your Business operations. We offer a free no-obligation 1-hour consultancy session to discuss your requirements, which will be followed by a written proposal.

  • A multi-accredited partner with 70+ years’ collective experience
  • Fully Managed service, from design to completion
  • VERY competitive hardware and installation rates
  • References available

Contact us today for a no-obligation quote to upgrade your Wireless Network Infrastructure by calling 020 3963 5533.

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