WEEE IT Recycling and Data Destruction Services.

Protect your Intellectual Property and Conform to Regulatory Compliance by using our Value Added WEEE Technology Recycling and Data Destruction services.

Recycling your old IT Equipment is OhSo simple!

OhSo Technical provides fully certified WEEE IT Recycling and Data Destruction services to Local Organisations that require a safe, secure and affordable way to dispose of their unwanted IT and electrical equipment

Our professional team of WEEE experts offer a fast and highly efficient ‘end-to-end service’ that is compliant with the WEEE Directive and is approved to British standards with complete certification.

Computer Recycling London and Essex

A cost-effective WEEE IT Recycling and disposal service for London and Essex business.

We’ll keep your recycling and disposal costs down by offsetting any residual value of your equipment against the cost of collection, recycling, disposal and data destruction.

Cheap IT Recycling London and Essex

What equipment can we recycle?

  • Desktop PCs, Laptops and Servers (rack/tower)
  • TFT Monitors
  • Printers, Scanners, Copiers and Plotters
  • Server Cabinets and RAID Arrays
  • Network Equipment and Network Switches
  • Telephone Equipment and Mobile Phones
  • Tablet devices.

Our Computer recycling and refurbishment Service.

The following process ensures that your IT equipment is recycled/disposed and your data is destroyed within the guidelines of the WEEE directive:

Equipment Evaluation.

  1. A WEEE expert will assess your Technology Recycling requirements and then provide you with an accurate quotation to remove and dispose of your unwanted IT equipment
  2. We will then request an asset inventory list that provides details of the unwanted IT equipment, including specifications, quantities and serial numbers
  3. At this point, we will advise if there is any residual value in the equipment. ANY residual value will be offset against your recycling costs
  4. Our Accounts Department will then raise an invoice for any outstanding recycling costs. You will be required to agree to these costs and pay any outstanding amount before your equipment is recycled and disposed


  1. We offer a safe, secure and fully insured dedicated collection service from small offices and multi-site locations across London and Essex
  2. We will arrange for the equipment to be collected at a pre-agreed time and date
  3. You will be provided with a Duty of Care Transfer note, which has to be signed by our WEEE IT Expert and the person that is responsible for your IT disposal
  4. The transfer of ownership to WEEE is then confirmed
  5. Your redundant equipment will be returned to us for processing on the same day


  1. We will check the equipment sent to us against the asset inventory list, which was provided to us during the evaluation stage
  2. We will then create a final asset list of all the equipment collected. This final list will include a unique asset number, make, model and specification, condition (out of 10), Recycling/refurbishment avenue, Data removal process
  3. Once your equipment is processed, we’ll present you with a final asset list that you can retain for your own records and compare to your internal asset register

Our Data Destruction services.

4mm Hard Drive Shredding.

Yes, you read that correctly. We can shred your hard disks into 4mm pieces!

We offer an onsite hard drive shredding service that gives you the confidence that your business critical and personally identifiable data has been safely destroyed. This process complies with the secure destruction of confidential materials BS EN 15713:2009 code of practice. We can collect your hard drives and take them away for shredding, or we can provide an onsite shredding service, giving you peace of mind that your data has been destroying before it as left the building.

Hard Drive Shredding London and Essex

Hard Drive Crushing.

Hard drive crushing is a cost-effective and highly efficient way to ensure that your business critical data is completely destroyed and cannot be recorded. Our hard drive crusher will destroy hard drives by breaking through the outer case, then crushing the spindles and creating ripples in the hard drive platters where the data is stored – making it impossible for anyone to restore your data.

Crushing is the most efficient way to destroy large numbers of hard disks. Our crushing machine can destroy up to 100 Hard drives an hour. Once the disks are destroyed, a WEEE export will securely box the materials and take them away for processing.

Hard Drive Crushing London and Essex

Why use a Data Destruction service?

  • The consequences of sensitive company data and personally identifiable information falling into the wrong hands could be terminal for your business.
  • Failure to secure and destroy your data correctly can lead to prosecution under the recently updated 1998 Data Protection Act, which makes it a legal requirement to adopt the correct security measures to prevent unauthorised access, alteration or accidental loss or destruction of personal data.
  • Failure to remove personal data from a hard disk can result in Crown Court prosecution and unrestricted fines.
Why use this

Take the first step towards ensuring your sensitive business data doesn’t fall into the wrong hands.

Call OhSo Technical to request a no-obligation quote to recycle your IT equipment and destroy your sensitive data. Alternatively, you can provide us with more information about your requirements in the online contact form below and a member of IT Recycling team will contact you within the hour.

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