With over 20 years’ experience, we’ve evolved our award winning IT services to serve the modern workplace, making sure that your IT is always agile, reliable and highly secure. 

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Here’s a breakdown of our Fully Managed IT Support service…

Fast, effective and proactive technical support for your hybrid workplace.

If you are looking for a forward-thinking technology partner to provide award winning IT support services, then look no further than Ohso Technical.

Our amazing team of helpful and friendly IT engineers provide instant telephone and remote technical support to your staff all day every day, whether they are working at the office, from home or any other location that takes their fancy!

AND our equally amazing team of Microsoft certified Field Support Engineers will provide scheduled and reactive onsite support at your location, whenever you need it!

Your team can log new issues via email, phone or via our cutting edge helpdesk app, which also allows them to update and track existing requests.

Technical support service breakdown:

  • Instant telephone and remote support for ALL of your staff, no matter where they are working from
  • Scheduled and reactive onsite support when required
  • Access to our industry leading helpdesk app to log new issues and track existing requests
  • Proactive out of hours maintenance, updates and patching of ALL your office-based and remote devices
  • 24/7 remote monitoring of ALL your IT systems, including local, cloud-based and remote devices
  • A team of In-house consultants and project Managers that provide strategic guidance and expert advice all year round
  • IT audit and IT strategy roadmap included as part of your fully managed service
  • Access to a full range of Cloud services and Cyber Security solutions, supplied, installed and maintained by us

Cloud services and solutions. Keeping your workforce agile, secure and productive.

As an established Microsoft Partner, we supply, configure and support the Microsoft 365 suite of apps and services. We also specialise in the implementation of Microsoft Teams, a suite of collaboration apps that allow our clients to seamlessly work together between the office, the home, or any other locations. Microsoft Teams includes Video messaging and conferencing, VoIP telephony and instant messaging.

Lastly, we also supply a full range of other Cloud services, including Microsoft AzureAmazon Web Services (AWS), data backup/archiving, Adobe Creative Cloud and more!

Cyber Security services and solutions.

Technical support and Cyber Security should always go hand-in-hand. Your Cyber Security is our TOP priority and our in-house experts provide and maintain an advanced range of Cyber Security solutions that will ensure the technology used by your hybrid workforce always remains safe and secure.

Our highly rated services and solutions include:

  • Advanced email security – protecting your staff from viruses, phishing emails, viruses and more
  • Anti-virus and Malware protection – we provide the latest security suites for ALL devices used in the office or remotely and we will keep them all updated with the latest virus definitions at all times.
  • Firewall appliance management – we will manage and maintain your existing firewall appliances and we also supply and install the latest Firewall security devices
  • Cyber Essentials certifications – annual audit and certification services and awareness training to keep your staff and your data safe, secure and compliant
  • Security auditing and testing – including network penetration testing, spoof email phishing tests for your staff and vulnerability audits

Plus, MUCH more!

Pro-active daily maintenance, updates, patching and monitoring.

Technical support is not about reactively fixing problems as much as it used to be. This is because over time, business technology has become far more reliable and things just don’t go wrong as much as they used to!  

We still provide fast and effective technical support to your staff, but today, most of our time is dedicated to proactively monitoring, maintaining, and continuously improving your IT systems and security.

Our goal is to ensure that your entire workforce can always work efficiently and securely, no matter where they are working from.

Our daily tasks include:

  • System and security updates and patching – Always keeping your IT running safe and smooth by eliminating any potential points of failure and mitigating any Cyber Security threats.
  • Proactive network monitoring – We will monitor ALL elements of your IT systems and network (including any remote user devices) and fix most problems before you know they exist!
  • Continuous improvement – Our in-house consultants will work closely with you to ensure that your IT remains agile, secure and aligned to your business goals.

Plus MUCH more!

Pro-active technical consultancy and on-demand expert advice.

When you switch to Ohso Technical, you will have instant access to our amazing team of consultants and project managers who are here to keep your IT agile and aligned with your business goals.

Our IT Consultants are on-hand to provide expert advice whenever you need it, but their primary role is to provide a pro-active IT Strategy consultancy service throughout the year to ensure that you:

  • a) Fully utilise your existing technology and
  • b) Invest in the correct technology solutions that are required to support your hybrid workplace and deliver your business strategy
  • c) Improve planning for future projects and resources by linking your Business objectives with your IT investment through an IT strategy roadmap
  • d) Facilitate IT investment discussions with the rest of leadership for the upcoming financial year


We will fully manage the transition from your old IT Support Company.

Our amazing team will take FULL control of your IT Operations from day one, including your office-based systems and any mobile devices used by your staff.

We will oversee the full-service transition of service and obtain any administrative details that are required to support your IT Infrastructure DIRECTLY from your previous IT Vendor, leaving you to focus on other business activities.

It’s all part of our amazing service!


Why switch to Ohso Technical?

Here’s five amazing reasons:

  1. We have over 20 years’ experience and counting!
  2. We recently won the 2021 best business award for best customer focus.
  3. We’re your local Company, with offices based in Highams Park (London) and Chelmsford (Essex).
  4. We provide INSTANT technical support for your entire team, whether they work at the office, from home or any other location.
  5. You’ll have a dedicated Customer Success Manager (CAM) that you can contact at ANY time. They are also responsible for ensuring you receive a consistently high standard of customer care.

Switch to us in 3 EASY steps!

We’re partnered and certified by many of the industry’s leading brands.  

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Frequently Asked Questions.

Below is a small sample of questions that we get frequently asked about our about our amazing service. If you have any further questions, then call 020 3963 5533 and speak to a friendly member of our team today!

All support calls are answered within 3-rings by a friendly member of our amazing help desk team. All of our help desk engineers are experienced Microsoft and/or Apple certified professional support technicians.

Our help desk team will provide your staff with on-demand first to third line technical support from Monday to Friday, 7:00am to 6:30pm.

We provide telephone and remote support for businesses with office-based staff, employees that work from home, on the move, or any other remote location that they choose to work from!

Our help desk team uses the latest highly secure remote connectivity and monitoring software, which allows us to securely connect to any device at any location within seconds!

Every member of our help desk team is trained to provide INSTANT telephone and remote technical support.

In addition, 80%+ of all reported issues are resolved within a single phone call. Rest assured knowing that we will always endeavour to resolve your IT issues as quickly and efficiently as possible!

Not all technical support issues can be fixed immediately and sometimes we will need more time to resolve the more challenging and complex IT issues.

In this instance, your issue will be escalated to a 3rd line support technician, who will endeavor to resolve the technical support issue as quickly and efficiently as possible.  In addition:

  • You will be provided with a new ticket number
  • You can check the status of your open issue through our online customer help desk portal
  • A member of the 3rd line technical support team will update the ticket details and contact you to report our progress periodically

Our customer support inbox is checked throughout the day by our help desk team. When a new support request email is received, a support ticket is automatically created and assigned to our help desk team who will contact you within 10 minutes. You will also receive an email with your ticket reference number.

YES. Administrative changes are included as part of our fully managed IT support service.

Examples of administrative changes include:

  • Creating new user accounts
  • Creating new email addresses
  • Permission and privilege changes
  • Firewall rules and configuration changes
  • User account password resets

We provide a reactive onsite field technician support service in the rare instance where a technical support issue cannot be resolved remotely at your office address.

  • For Business-critical issues – We will endeavor to have an engineer onsite within the hour
  • For non-business critical issues – We will endeavor to have an engineer onsite within the same day

Every new Ohso Technical client is assigned a Customer Success Manger (or CSM).  The role of your Customer Success Manager is as follows:

  • Ensure you receive the highest standard of customer care
  • Ensure that your ongoing IT investment is aligned to your business strategy and achieving your business goals.
  • Be your main point of contact to discuss any immediate or long-term IT issues or requirements
  • Provide a single point of escalation for any concerns you have about our customer service levels

You’ll be able to contact your Customer Success Manager DIRECTLY at any time using the contact details that will be provided in your company welcome pack during the on-boarding process.

Our standard IT support service is based on a standard 12 month contract. The first month of your IT support service contract is subject to one week’s notice, which is then extended to 3 months thereafter.

We never try to tie you into a lengthy service agreement, but we’re happy to provide discounted rates for Clients that prefer to sign a longer-term IT Service contract.

We will be more than happy to provide you with client references upon request!

Contact us.

Call 020 3963 5533 and speak directly to a member of our IT Consultancy team about your IT Services requirements. Alternatively, provide us with more information about your IT Support requirements in the online contact form below and a member of our team will respond to you soon.

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