Do you know someone that is unhappy with their existing IT Services provider?

Or, have you been given the task of finding an IT Support company by your employer? Whatever the reason, we’ll give you a £200 Amazon Gift Card and donate an additional £100 to a charity of your choice for every successful referral!

This page describes how the referral program works, in addition to some basic rules that need to be followed!

Amazon Gift card

Terms and conditions apply!

There are terms and conditions that must be agreed to before your can participate in our referral program.  In addition, every Organisation that is referred to us must meet the following criteria:

  • The Organisation must require a Fully Managed IT Support service for a minimum of 10 users or devices
  • The Organisation must be geographically located in London or Essex.
IT Support Referral Program - Terms and conditions

What rules must I follow?

  • You’ll need to agree to our terms and conditions before you can provide us with a referral. Simply complete the form at the bottom of this page to request a copy of our T’s and C’s.
  • DON’T SPAM! Do not send unsolicited and/or persistent emails to obtain a referral. If a referral comes from a source of spam, then you will not be entitled to a reward.
  • You must be over 18 years of age to participate in the referral program.
IT Support Referral Program - House Rules

Why does Ohso Technical have a referral program?

A client referral program is a great way to grow our Business and reward the people that help our Business grow!

We’re always looking for new ways for Charities to benefit from our Business activities. Participating in our referral program is a great way of guaranteeing a generous donation for your Charity of choice.

Why do we have a Referral Program

Who can I refer?

We work with hundreds of Organisations that come from a diverse range of Industry sectors. We encourage referrals of established ethical Organisations that have a good reputation and strong Company values, just like us!

And again, any clients referred to us must be geographically located in London or Essex.

IT Support Referral program - Central London

When will I receive my reward?

Both you and your Charity of choice will receive your reward after your referral is considered successful. A successful referral must meet the following criteria:

  • The referred Organisation must become a client by signing a Fully Managed IT Services contract with Ohso Technical for a minimum of 10 users or 10 devices.
  • The referred Organisation must remain a client of Ohso Technical for a minimum 3-month period.
  • The client must not default on any scheduled monthly payments in the first 3-months of their IT Services agreement.

Please note – it is strictly one reward per one successful client referral only. The reward shall not exceed the maximum amount of a £200 Amazon gift voucher and a donation of £100 to a charity of your choice for each individual referral that is successful.

IT Support referral program

Any further questions?

Hopefully we’ve provided enough information to get you started, but you have any further questions about our Company referral program then don’t hesitate to contact us on 0203 963 5533. 

It’s time to submit your first referral!

If you’re ready to submit your first referral then complete the below contact form to request a copy of our Terms and Conditions.  Once you’ve received these terms and conditions, please complete the following tasks:

  1. Print and sign the legally binding terms and conditions
  2. Scan and return a copy of these terms and conditions to with the subject line “Referral Program Application”.

Once these have been received, we will contact you to confirm your details and provide you with a link to our Referral Program submission page, so you can provide us with your first referral!

Thank you in advance for your participation!

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