Affordable and reliable Online Data Backup Solutions for Business.

Ensure Business Continuity and protect your Business Critical and Client sensitive data with our simple, reliable and highly efficient Online Data Backup Solution.

An Automated Online Data Backup service that’s OhSo Intelligent, affordable and efficient.

OhSo Technical provides Online Data Backup services to local Organisations that are looking for a cost-effective and efficient way to safely backup and restore the business critical data.

Automated Online Backup

What devices can I backup?

Our Managed Backup solutions can be used to backup and restore electronic data that resides on most devices that are connected to your network, or any external device that is configured to run a scheduled backup.

Devices that can use our Online Data Backup service include Windows file and Application Servers, Laptops, Desktop PCS, Macs and Workstations, NAS and Tablet Devices that use Windows, Apple, iOS and Android operating systems.

What is this?

In addition, you can backup data that resides on the following platforms:

  • Microsoft Exchange Server
  • Office 365
  • VMware and Hyper-V
  • Oracle Server
  • Microsoft SharePoint Server
  • Microsoft SQL server
  • Windows Server system state configuration
  • Linux Servers

Our Online Data Backup Solution is OhSo Secure and Compliant.  

All of your business data is secured with 256-bit military grade encryption, which is applied on transfer and when in storage. Encryption not only helps to secure your data, but also helps you to meet industry specific compliance regulations.

  • You also have the option to apply a unique encryption key as an added layer of security
  • Data access by each user is automatically time and date stamped
  • Encrypting your data prevents alterations, tampering and unauthorised access
Data Encryption Services

In addition.

Our Online Data Backup service is hosted on RAID-protected industry leading storage devices that feature multiple layers of redundancy. These devices reside at one of the worlds most secure data centre facilities.

Why choose an Online Data Backup Solution?

  • Replace your vulnerable onsite backup tape drives with a highly efficient automated online backup service that makes it far easier to backup and restore your business data
  • Demonstrate duty of care to your Customers and shareholders by using a highly secure and fully compliant offsite Data Backup solution
  • With a Cloud-based backup solution, businesses of all types and sizes can afford to use an enterprise-grade Online Backup solution
  • You will be able to restore your lost or deleted data WITHIN SECONDS
  • Use our Fully Managed service, or manage your Online Data Backup service internally through an intuitive user friendly dashboard
  • Bandwidth throttling is avoided by scheduling compressed Incremental backups to run outside of standard business operating hours
  • Restore your data back to its original location, or to a new location that is selected by you
Why use this

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