Portable Appliance Testing Services For London Business.

Conform to UK Health & Safety and Electricity at work regulations and ensure the safety of your staff and the public by using a cost-effective, reliable and fully Certified local PAT Testing Service.

PAT Testing London Specialists.

OhSo Technical Provides fully certified Portable Appliance Testing services to local businesses of all types and sizes that operate from Retail, Commercial and Industrial properties, in addition to local Educational establishments.

Our trusted and experienced team will conduct electrical safety testing services on your appliances in order to determine if they are safe for staff, students and the general public to use.  Upon completion of testing, you will be provided with a detailed asset record of all electrical equipment that has been tested, together with a certificate of compliance.

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What is PAT Testing?

PAT Testing stands for Portable Appliance Testing, which is the process of inspecting and testing portable electrical equipment that is used in the workplace and in rented properties. This process will ensure that all equipment is safe to use by your staff and the general public.

In addition.

The UK Electricity at Work Regulations (1989) require you to ensure that any electrical equipment that has the potential to cause injury is maintained in a safe condition.

Portable Appliance Testing is part of your Health and Safety at Work procedure. The UK Health and Safety at work act requires employers to take reasonable practical steps to ensure that no danger will result from using portable electrical appliances in the following locations:

  • Establishments where the public can use appliances. For example, hotels, schools, establishments such as hospitals, schools, hotels, shops, etc.
  • Places where appliances are used by staff members
  • Places where portable electrical equipment is repaired or serviced
  • Where appliances are supplied or hired

Why have your electrical items PAT Tested?

  • Comply with Health & Safety at work requirements
  • Comply with ISO standards
  • Minimise the risk of fire and injury caused by portable electrical appliances
  • Comply with the Electricity at Work Regulations
  • Satisfy the requirements of your Insurance Company
  • Contribute to your Fire Risk Assessment Compliance

A breakdown of our PAT Testing process: 

Visual Inspection.

Our fully qualified Engineer will conduct a visual inspection of your appliances, flex and plug top in order to ensure that there are no visual signs of overheating or damage.

They will then proceed to open each top plug and inspect the fuse and wire connections. If required, they will tighten the connections.

Electrical Testing.

We will then proceed to put each appliance through a series of electrical tests that will ensure each appliance is correctly earthed and insulated. This testing process incorporates the following tests:

  • Earth Continuity Test
  • Insulation Resistance
  • Polarity Test
  • Earth Leakage Test

In the instance of an appliance failing the test, we will carry out FREE minor repairs which include free fuse and plug top changes.


Once the electrical testing is completed, a compliance label is affixed to each appliance. This label includes the following information:

  • Whether the appliance has passed or failed the test
  • PAT testing/retesting date
  • Appliance ID number

Asset Recording.

Our engineer will provide you with a detailed asset record that includes each appliance tested and an inventory summary. We will provide you both a hard copy and electronic copy of this report.

Certificate of Compliance.

Upon completion of the above processes, you will be issued with a Certificate of Compliance. Again, we will provide you with a hard and electronic copy of this certificate.


  • Our Testing services are conducted by fully qualified and insured appliance testing Professional engineers.
  • All of our staff undertake extended DBS checks to ensure your safety and our compliance.
Compliance Certificate

Evening and weekend Appliance Testing services.

Our Professional engineers are happy to conduct Appliance Testing services outside of standard business operating hours in order to avoid disrupting your productivity and profitability. This service is available for an additional fee.  You will also need to ensure that we have full access to your facilities outside of normal opening hours.

Why Choose OhSo Technical?

  • We offer a fully insured service that is conducted by a team of experienced and fully qualified PAT Testing engineers
  • We provide Portable Appliance Testing services outside of standard business operating hours if required
  • We use the latest calibrated electrical testing equipment
  • We provide solitary or annual recurring PAT Testing services
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