Affordable Disaster Recovery as A Service (DraaS) for Local Business.

Minimise downtime, ensure Continuity of service and protect your Business Applications and data with our cost-effective and highly efficient GDPR Compliant Cloud Disaster Recovery Service.

OhSo Amazing Disaster Recovery Services for business users.

OhSo Technical provides GDPR Compliant Cloud Disaster Recovery Services to Local Organisations across London and Essex that are looking for an affordable and highly efficient Business Continuity solution that will get you back up and running quickly in the event of a critical incident or natural disaster.

Disaster Recovery as a Service

How Does a Cloud Disaster Recovery service work?

With our highly efficient Disaster Recovery service, your staff will be able to access ALL of your business critical applications, email and data remotely via a Hosted Desktop in the event of a catastrophe.

How is this possible?

  • Your entire Server Infrastructure is replicated (mirrored) onto one or more Virtual Servers that are hosted in our highly secure Cloud platform
  • In the event of a disaster, your Virtual Servers can be activated and go live WITHIN TEN MINUTES
  • NO Disaster Recovery training is required. Your staff will continue working from home or from a temporary office location via an intuitive Windows Remote Desktop connection
What is this?

Why choose Cloud-based DRaaS?

  • By leveraging the power and accessibility of the Cloud, businesses of all types and sizes can afford an enterprise-grade Disaster Recovery solution
  • Cloud Disaster Recovery services offer the FASTEST way to get back up and running in the event of a critical incident
  • Replicate your ENTIRE Server configuration, data and applications in the Cloud instead of pre-selecting specific business Critical applications
  • OhSo Technical provides a Fully Managed Disaster Recovery Service. We will perform regular Disaster Recovery testing to ensure that your IT Systems are being successfully replicated. In the event of a disaster, our engineers will get you back up and running within minutes by immediately starting the Disaster Recovery process.


Why use this service?

Take the first step towards safeguarding the future of your business by applying a simple and secure automated Disaster Recovery service.

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