Superfast business leased line solutions.

Guarantee your Internet availability and get consistent reliable Internet connection speeds with the UK’s fastest fibre leased line.

The FASTEST leased line internet connection in the area.

Ohso Technical offers added value high-speed Fibre leased lines to local organisations that depend on a superfast always-on Internet connection to remain productive and highly competitive.

We’ve partnered with one of the UK’s most established ISP’s to provide you with the FASTEST and LOWEST COST leased line connectivity available in your region. Our cost-effective leased lines deliver uncontented symmetrical bandwidth and a 99.95% network uptime guarantee.

Leased Line Internet Connectivity - Ohso Technical

What’s the difference between a Symmetrical and Uncontented internet connection?

  • A Symmetrical Internet connection provides equal upload and download speeds. With a symmetrical connection, you can upload and download large amounts of data at the same time without ANY loss of bandwidth, which is ideal for users of VoIP telephony solutions and organisations that transfer large amounts of data, such as media files.
  • An Uncontented Internet connection provides a fixed connection speed that cannot be affected by peak times, when more people are using the Internet.
What is this?

Here’s a Breakdown of our business Fibre leased line connectivity options…

Fibre leased lines.

Our next generation Fibre leased lines add value to your business by providing you with the most reliable internet connection that is available in the UK.

A Fibre leased line connection is suitable for organisations that wish to use bandwidth-hungry services and applications without worrying about Internet speeds or connectivity issues.

Fibre leased line features:

  • Symmetrical, uncontended bandwidth
  • Internet connection speeds from 30Mbit to 10 Gigabit
  • A dedicated unlimited circuit that is exclusive to your business
  • Guaranteed network availability with 99.95% uptime
  • 24/7/365 proactive line monitoring
  • Static IP address assignment (multiple static IPs available)
  • DNS and reverse DNS
  • Offsite data backup options
  • SIP trunking options for VoIP

Gigabit leased lines.

Gigabit internet leased lines are perfect for Businesses that have ULTRA HIGH bandwidth requirements.  For example, a gigabit leased line would be used by organisations that host and stream film, audio, video and new media.

Gigabit leased line features:

  • Internet connection speeds of 100Mbit, 250Mbit, 500Mbit, 1Gbit and 10Gbit per second
  • Direct connection to your data centre facilities
  • Unlimited data usage
  • 99% uptime SLA

Resilient leased lines.

With a resilient leased line, your business will never be interrupted by an internet outage that is out of your control. This is achieved by ensuring there is no point of failure by applying both a primary and secondary Fibre leased line connection.

Resilient leased line features:

  • Failover with IP preservation
  • If one line fails, then the other will immediately take over
  • A fully managed service with 99.99% SLA
  • 24/7 helpdesk support
  • ALWAYS stay connected

Ethernet First Mile (EFM)

Ethernet First Mile is a cost-effective leased line service that is delivered from your local telephone exchange.

With speeds of up to 20Mbit per second, EFM is the most competitively priced Symmetrical leased line connection that is currently available in the UK.

Ethernet First Mile (EFM) London

Wireless leased line solutions.

Our wireless leased line solution provides ultrafast secure and reliable internet connectivity to organisations that cannot accommodate a wired leased line connection, or prefer to use both a wired and wireless connection for truly resilient business connectivity.

Wireless leased line features:

  • Ultrafast delivery – A wireless leased line can be installed within 25 days
  • Scalability – Clients can upgrade to higher bandwidth on-the-fly
  • Low latency – We use the latest wireless technology to ensure you get a highly secure and ultra-low latency connection

Take the first step towards getting an ultrafast and highly resilient leased line connection for your Business.

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