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A list of the Best Entrepreneur Apps.

(which are also great Apps for startups!)

Many of our existing clients are ridiculously busy Entrepreneurs that have a million and one tasks on their to-do list. Their time is extremely valuable – which is why it’s essential for them to utilise technologies that will help them to streamline their business operations and manage their day-to-day more efficiently.

Nowadays, there’s an App for everything.

Technology has changed the way we work for the better, especially mobile technology. No matter what business challenge you face, someone out there has created an App to solve that challenge and make your life easier. There is a boundless amount of Apps out there out to help us run our small businesses and more importantly,  take them to the next level – you’ve just got to know where to find them!

These Apps will make your working life easier.

To save you scouring the internet for inspiration, we’ve compiled a list of ten of the Best Entrepreneurs Apps (which are also best startup apps) that no business owners should be without.  We’ve also added a link to each app so you can download them!

In no particular order, here are 10 amazing Apps for Entrepreneurs.

Best Entrepreneur Apps - Hellosign

1. Hellosign.

If you’re constantly on the move and attending meetings throughout the day then the last thing you need to worry about is getting back to the office to print off and sign contracts and agreements. Hellosign is an signature application that takes the pain out of this by letting you view and electronically sign contracts from your Smartphone, tablet device or computer.

Hellosign lets you Scan documents with your camera and then import the document to be signed.  You can edit PDF documents and place addendums on contracts, and you you can also securely send contract and agreements in confidence.

Click here to visit the Hellosign mobile page

Best Startup Apps - Hellosign

2. Wunderlist.

I’d personally be lost without a to-do list, which is why I wouldn’t be without my Wunderlist App! There are many to-do list apps out there, but I’ve found Wunderlist to be the most efficient.

Wunderlist features a highly intuitive interface that allows you organise and share one or more to-do lists, making it super easy to get stuff done and more importantly, ensure that you never forget to do your most important tasks and miss critical deadlines!

You can set reminders, assign to-dos to other people that use the app and even corroborate on projects. It’s easy to setup and a joy to use.

Click here to visit the Wunderlist website.

Best Entrepreneur Apps - Tripit

3. Trip-it.

Trip-it is an app that I discovered after someone recommended it to me before embarking upon a business trip to the states. Trip-it provides you with a great way to organise your travel plans  by finding your travel email confirmations and collating them into an easy to understand itinerary list.

You have to see Trip-it in action to appreciate how clever it is, and how it can greatly simplify your travel plans. There’s a free version that you can use on the website and a paid version that features added functionality, including real-time flight alerts, locating alternative flights and sharing your travel plans.

Click here to visit the Trip-it website.

Best Entrepreneur Apps - Camcard

4. Camcard.

Camcard is a simple but VERY useful app that’s used to digitally extrac business card details and automatically upload the details to your phone contacts. This app is perfect for entrepreneurs that attend regular meetings with new contacts and business conferences.

The app is incredibly accurate and is very effective at extracting all of the contact information from your business cards. You can also synchronise the business card details with other devices.

Click here to visit the Camcard website.

Best Entrepreneur Apps - 1password

5. 1Password.

The clue is in the name! 1Password is a security software App that allows you to collect and store all of your passwords safely and securely in the Cloud. As an added layer of security, all of your passwords are protected by a Master Password and 2-factor authentication. 1Password complies with the most stringent industry standards for data confidentiality, integrity, and availability.

In addition, 1Password features extensions and plugins for all of the major Internet browsers that allow the app to store other sensitive information such as Credit Card details for example. And with 1GB of storage per user, you’ll never run out of space!

A 30-day free trial of 1password is available on their website.

Click here to visit the 1Password website.

Best Entrepreneur Apps - Expensify

6. Expensify.

If you’re fed up with trying to keep a record of all your expenses receipts then you’ll love Expensify, a fantastic expense management app that allows you to keep a digital record of your receipts.

Expensify allows you to a picture of your receipts and log them as a digital record in Chronological order. You can also keep a record of your mileage and any other travel costs you may incur through business activities.

In addition, Expensify can be integrated with popular accounting  and EPR applications such as Quickbooks, Sage and Xero., allowing you to generate real-time expense reports and centrally manage your Company Credit cards.

Click here to visit the Expensify Website.

Best Startup Apps - Skype for Business

7. Skype for Business.

A predictable addition to the list, but with good reason. As part of the Office 365 platform, Skype for Business is the most cost-effective and feature rich Communications Solutions that’s currently available for Entrepreneurs, in my humble opinion!

The Commercial and Financial advantages of using Skype for Business are many. As a powerful collaboration tool, Skype for Business incorporates IP Telephony, Instant Messaging and HD Video Conferencing with up to 250 people. Additional features:

  • Conduct online meetings with up to 10 people without subscribing.
  • Share your screen or a file from within messenger or video conferencing.
  • Use the online whiteboard feature to draw, edit and compare ideas
  • Send instant messages during business meetings to offer new ideas

All of this can be done from your Smartphone or Tablet device.

Click here to visit the Skype for Business website.

Best Entrepreneur Apps - Basecamp

8. Basecamp.

If you’re juggling multiple projects then you MUST try Basecamp, an online Management tool that makes it incredibly easy to organise, update and collaborate on projects with your staff and your clients from your Smartphone and your Tablet device.

Basecamp incorporates 6 tools that help to eliminate the complexity of managing numerous products that are used to drive projects forward. These are:

  • A Message Board for posting announcements and updates,
  • A To-do list for tracking ongoing work
  • A chatroom called Campfire that can be used for having spontaneous chats with the team
  • A schedule for posting deadlines and milestones
  • Docs and Files for organising assets, notes and media
  • Automatic check-ins to get insights from customers and employees

There’s a free 30 day trial on the basecamp website, so why not download the app and give it a try?

Click here to download the Basecamp App.

Best Startup apps - Grammarly

9. Grammarly Keyboard.

If English isn’t your strong point (like me) then Grammarly is a godsend. Grammarly Keyboard is an app that helps you to accurately type with confidence within any app on your phone or Tablet, giving you peace of mind that you important text messages, urgent emails  and Social Media messages will be from spelling, punctuation and grammar errors.

Auto-correct performance has been greatly improved in the latest version, which also presents you with a short, clear explanation for every correction that’s made. I get to see a lot of these! 

Click here to download Grammarly keyboard.

Best Entrepreneur Apps - Pacifica

10. Pacifica.

A great App to end my article on.

Pacifica is a machine-based learning App that’s based on behavioural therapy and mindfulness Meditation. It provides you with a number of daily tools to help manage stress, Anxiety and depression, in addition to connecting you to a supportive online community.

Over 1.9 Million people use the Pacifica App to manage their daily Mental Health. If your facing challenges with Stress, Anxiety and Depression then I strongly suggest giving it a try.

Pacifica features include:

  • Relaxation techniques
  • Mood and health tracking
  • Goals and thoughts
  • Guided self-help paths

Click here to download the Pacifica App.


Hopefully one or more of the above Apps will make your lives easier!

There’s literally thousands of Apps online that can be used to improve your working week, drive our business success and reduce the stress that’s placed on you by the demands of your clients and your own high expectations.   However, the above list contains 10 Apps that many of our Entrepreneurial Clients and small business customers have benefited from using over the past 12 months.

Can you recommend an App?

We hope that you find this list of Best Entrepreneurs Apps a useful resource. If you’re a Business owner or Entrepreneur that can recommend an App that isn’t on this list then we’d love to hear from you, simply submit your ideas in the comments box below, along with your details and a link to the Website or App download page.

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