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List of Email Facts And Stats for 2020 - Infographic

Plain Text version with reference links.


Over half of the world’s population still use email, even though many of us use Instant Messaging and Social Media as a form of electronic communication.  It feels as though email has been around forever and it is hard to believe that email technology was invented less than 60 years ago.

To celebrate this amazing form of communication, we’ve created an Infographic with lots of of interesting email facts and statistics.

4.04 Billion.

The approximate number of people that use emails in 2020 is 4.04 Billion. This is projected to increase to 4.3 billion by the end of 2023.  (1)

+293 Billion.

The number of consumer and business emails sent PER DAY in 2019 was +293 Billion.  (2)


The year that Ray Tomlinson sent the first networked electronic mail was 1971, to himself!  (3)


The average value of an email address according to Experian is £84.50 (4)


The average number of emails that go missing or get caught in spam filters is 20.4% (as of Feb 2020) based on EmailToolTesters email deliverability tests. (5)

Most popular email clients by market share. (6)

  1. Gmail – 32%
  2. Apple iPhone – 30%
  3. Apple Mail – 11%
  4. Outlook – 10%
  5. Yahoo Mail – 5%

Stats calculated from 929 million email opens that were tracked by Litmus Email Analytics (July 2020).


The average open rate for marketing emails across all continents is 22.15. (7)


The percentage of brands using emojis in their marketing email subject line that had a higher open rate is 56%. (8)   Everyone loves an Emoji!


The percentage of surveyed internet users that avoided opening emails from unknown senders is 45% (9).

The 1960s.

The 1960s was the first decade that email entered limited use. However, users could only send to other users of the same Computer. In addition, some of the early email systems worked in a similar way to instant messaging, where both users had to be online simultaneously (10).

2.9 Million.

The number of emails sent worldwide per second is 2.9 million (stats taken May 28 2020 from internet live stats) (11)  67% of this is SPAM EMAIL!


The expected average number of email messages a business user will send and receive per day by the end of 2019 is 126. (12)

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