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In order to ensure that donations are being spent on their target causes, Charities and not-for-profit Organisations are under constant pressure to look for ways to reduce their ongoing costs and streamline their operations. One budget that is being constantly evaluated is Information Technology.

Every penny counts.

Thanks to recent advances in Cloud and Computer technologies, Charities can now make their IT budget stretch a lot further. From suppliers to services, there are boundless opportunities for Charities to cut their IT costs and enhance the performance and functionality of their IT Systems at the same time. We’ve identified 8 of these essential opportunities in the following list below.

8 Ways to reduce your Charity’s IT costs.

How can my charity reduce its IT costs?

Complete an IT Audit.

An IT Audit will help you identify any redundant IT hardware that can be retired because it is no longer used, or needed. This will help to reduce both your energy and maintenance costs.

And it’s not just about hardware. The purpose of an IT audit is to assess your entire IT Infrastructure – in order to find areas where you can improve the efficiency of your IT Systems and save money by updating any antiquated systems with more efficient ‘cost effective’ solutions.

Lastly, an IT Audit doesn’t have to cost you money. Many IT companies (Like us) provide their clients with a complimentary IT Infrastructure audit when they sign up for an IT Services agreement (which is subsidised for Charities of course!)


Get Microsoft Office 365 for free.

Many people are still unaware that Microsoft will provide eligible Charities and non-profit Organisations with donated and discounted versions of Office 365.

If your Charity is paying for Emails, Cloud Storage and Microsoft Applications, then STOP NOW and contact us today to find out if you meet the criteria for being eligible for a donated or discounted version of Office 365. Our experts will also help you to make the transition from your existing services to Office 365. Just give us a call to find out more!


Lease your IT equipment.

If it depreciates, then lease it!  If your Charity relies upon the use of high-end IT Equipment, then one solution is to lease.  Computer leasing gives you instant access to the latest technology without any initial capital expenditure. There is also a number of IT leasing Companies in the UK that offer subsidised rates to registered Charities and Non-profit Organisations.

In addition, Computer repair costs are mitigated when you lease your equipment. If your Computer goes wrong, then your leasing Company will simply swap it out for a new one!


Use Recycled IT equipment.

There are many IT Recycling Companies that provide refurbished IT Equipment to Charities and non-profits at discounted rates.  Many large organisations replace their IT equipment well before it’s use by date.  Much of this equipment is refurbished and then resold by IT Recycling Companies to individuals and Organisations across the UK.

Speak to your local reputable IT Recycling Company to find out more!


Embrace Cloud Computing.

Cloud Computing Services have changed the face of IT in the workplace forever. Most popular applications are now available ‘as a service’ for a monthly subscription fee, with many applications available at discounted rates for Charities and non-profits.  Some applications are even free of charge (such as Office 365 for example).

Here’s some Cloud apps that are available to Charities at discounted rates:

Reduce Charity IT costs - reason 6

Reduce your IT maintenance costs.

We’ll take advantage of the fact that we’re writing this article by including IT Maintenance costs!  We are one of many IT Support Companies out there that offer IT Services to Charities at discounted rates, so if you’re paying full price for a fully managed service, then give us a call, or check out our IT Support for Charities page.

As previously mentioned, many IT Companies also provide a Complimentary IT Audit as part of a fully managed IT Support service, so why not take advantage of this aswell?

Reduce Charity IT costs - reason 7

Host your website for free.

Did you know there are many Companies out there that offer free Website Hosting to Charities? If you are paying for website hosting, then here’s a few hosting Companies that we found on the web that provide free website hosting to UK registered Charities and not-for-profits:

Please note – we are not affiliated with any of these Companies and we have never used their services, so please complete your due diligence before committing to using any of their services.

Reduce Charity IT costs - reason 8

Reduce your telephony costs.

If your Charity is using an outdated telephone system, then you could make significant savings by moving to a cloud-based or on-premise VoIP telephony solution.

For example, 3CX offers a unified communication solution subscription that is free for up to 8 simultaneous calls for the first year, regardless of the size of your Organisation (standard subscription). As a rule, 1 simultaneous call per 3-4 phone extensions is sufficient.   The 3CX standard subscription includes unlimited extensions, office extension on the move via iOS and Android Apps, messaging and Web Conferencing for up to 25 participants.


The above examples are just of a few of many ways that your Charity or not-for-profit Organisation can greatly reduce its ongoing IT costs, so more money can be spent on your target causes.

If you are a Charity or not-for-profit organisation in London that need’s a helping hand getting added value from your IT Systems, then we can help.  Call 020 3963 5533 for a no-obligation chat with a friendly member of our team today, or visit our IT Support for Charities page to find out more.

We look forward to hearing from you!

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